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Valley View Consultants, Inc. (VVC)

The STAR Plan featuring ILI is a HCE Class alternative to taxable fund investing - an IRA / 401(k) complement:

Medical Advancements extending HCE Class life expectancy have allowed:

Valley View Consultants, Inc. specializes in individually-owned / trust-owned Institutional Life Insurance (ILI) investment analytics, policy evaluation, access and administrative services - The STAR Plan featuring ILI.  


ILI Suitability Questions

ILI is designed to serve as a IRC §7702 based fund investment and risk management container.

ILI is a cost-shifting opportunity for healthy individuals expected to live the longest.


Why ILI?STAR - TPM Features.pdf

Result – ILI is the more suitable fund investment container for personal and multi-generational wealth and estate planning.


VVC serves four markets with its specialty investment and life insurance analytics and ILI services:

Today ILI risk rates cost less than tax rates … and that has opened the door to a new level of value and planning efficiency.


As a fund investor, does it make more economic sense to give-up:STAR - Professional Advisor Series - ILI Cost-of-Insurance vs TBA Cost-of-Taxes.pdf

As an affluent or high net worth “white-collar” individual, do you believe:

The STAR Plan is a longevity driven fund and tax management program for ILI qualifying individuals.

Tax-deferred cash accumulation - income tax-free cash-flow during life, terminal illness and death.


1.  Affluent individuals invest in themselves because they are expected to live the longest.

Institutionally-priced Life Insurance (ILI) was created in 1986 to help Chief Financial Officers fund Parity Restoration Plans to Key Employees and Executives impacted by Washington’s employee benefit plan restrictions and limitations.

Affluent individuals are living so long that today’s ILI risk rates cost less than today’s tax rates, and medical advancements extending life expectancy is expected to further increase ILI’s advantage.  

This longevity driven “value proposition” is why bank CFO’s have invested over $149.6 billion into ILI for asset diversification (BOLI Assets – 12/2014).


2.  The longer we live, the lower the total cost of ILI based investing.

Valley View Consultants, Inc. was founded in 2002 to pioneer direct individual access to Institutional Life Insurance through a professionally administered ILI funding and management program – The STAR Plan.

“Longevity” is the greater financial risk today – outliving assets or planning assumptions.  

Unlike retail replacement-priced life insurance, ILI converts increasing ‘white-collar” life expectancy into increasing investment and protection efficiency.


3.  The longer medical advancements let us live, the greater the expected ILI value proposition.

We have seen how increases in life expectancy has impacted tax reform, pension reform, Social Security, etc., and increased the benefit (lowered the cost) of ILI based fund investing.

Economics of Longevity

Expected impact on spendable value if Medical Science continues to help us live longer.

ILI is a hedge against the expected financial impact of longevity improvements on planning alternatives.


Institutional Life Insurance (ILI) offers a lower lifelong total cost-of-investing today than other fund, cash and tax management alternatives plus an increasing value proposition tomorrow the longer medical advancements let us live … while providing added financial protection for terminal illness and death.

Institutional Life Insurance (ILI) Q & A

The Top 10 Q&A’s on ILI’s Different Value Proposition

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