Valley View Consultants, Inc.

Filling the void in the lifelong financial wellness

 of successful individuals and their trustees.

Valley View Consultants, Inc. (VVC)

Formed in 2002 to Respect the career and life achievements of higher and highly compensated "white-collar" employees and individuals (HCE Class).

HCE Life Profile:

  • Live an average of 4 to 10 years longer than non-HCE's.

  • Are more wellness oriented - While we all are living longer, HCE life expectancy is increasing at a faster pace.

In 1986 a handful of the largest life insurance companies created Institutionally-priced Life Insurance (ILI).

  • An investment, risk and tax management alternative for corporations (COLI) and banks (BOLI) to informally fund supplemental investment and retirement benefits to HCE's capped-out of Washington's employee benefit plans.

  • The STAR Plan (Strategic Talent Appreciation and Recognition) provides HCE's direct access to ILI for their lifelong personal investment, risk and tax management through a professionally administered strategy.

The STAR Plan is a collaboration between VVC and leading ILI issuers

Respecting HCE Class life achievement.


Third-party Investment and Life Insurance Analytics

Comparative analysis of different investment management and life insurance structures.

The STAR Plan for Individuals

The more efficient fund, risk and tax management container for saving outside a tax-qualified plan.

The STAR Plan for Trustees

A more suitable "retention" priced alternative to retail "replacement" priced life insurance in trust.

The STAR Plan for Employers

A no-cost employer facilitated financial wellness complement to tax-qualified and nonqualified (409A) benefit plans.

The STAR Plan

Negates Washington's plan caps, traps and high tax rates.

Provides longevity-driven investment management to those expected to live the longest.

“Serious problems cannot be dealt with at the level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein


Mark Whitelaw - Owner and President
Prudent Planning Design, Administration and Consulting Services for over 30 years.

ILI's Lower "Total" Cost-of-Investing

ILI Separate Account (green) portfolio fees cost less than Mutual Funds (blue).

ILI policy fees (yellow) cost less than taxes (red).

A lower lifelong total cost-of-investing than tax-qualified or taxable alternatives plus financial protection the others don't provide.

VVC Suitability Letter

"Longevity" trumps "Tax"

"Longevity" based investing offers lower lifelong costs and greater tax advantages than "Tax" based investment alternatives.

The STAR Plan is for individuals that plan to live ... while providing added protection if they get sick or die.