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Filling the void in the lifelong financial wellness

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Valley View Consultants, Inc. (VVC) is a third-party Analytics, Sponsor and Administrator of The STAR Plan.

The STAR Plan is a Personal "Parity" Restoration Strategy for higher and highly compensated employees / individuals (HCE Class) that qualify to access investment oriented institutionally priced life insurance (ILI).

Converting superior longevity into superior lifelong investment and risk management.

Individuals - Employers - Advisors - Trustees

The "Parity" problem is the inability of higher and highly compensated individuals / households to save equally efficiently outside the 401(k).

The greater the individual / household income, the greater the parity problem.

Orange - Uncapped 401(k) benchmark.

Red - 401(k) + Taxable Investing.

Green - 401(k) + The STAR Plan

The STAR Plan makes Washington's caps, traps and taxes - irrelevant.  (Red vs. Green)

How?  Because medical advancements are letting ILI qualifying individuals live so long, reducing ILI costs so low, that ILI now offers a lower lifelong total cost of fund investing than taxable or tax-qualified fund management alternatives.

What is the key pricing difference?  Higher and highly compensated white-collar employees (HCE Class) live 4-10 years longer than non-HCE classes.  ILI minimizes costs by limiting the policy risk pool to HCE's where retail insurance includes all risks.

Result - Lower costs today and expected lower costs tomorrow as medical advancements let us live even longer. 

The STAR Plan is a longevity hedge and tax-advantaged risk management strategy for those expected to live the longest and expect medical advancements to continue.

You can Save More ... or ... Save More Efficiently.

Prudent planning starts with an analysis of your six options.

Healthy higher and highly compensated individuals have earned the right to a sixth door - one respecting their career and life achievements - The STAR Plan.

Sample "Structural" Snapshot Analysis

The STAR Plan Value Proposition

  • Variable insurance products offer access to Separate Accounts - specially priced fund portfolios for insurance products.  Average portfolio fees are 35% to 65% less than similar fund portfolios in the retail direct investment marketplace.  (Green vs. Blue).

  • Add ILI's low cost policy pricing (Yellow) and you have comparable or lower lifelong total costs than tax-qualified or taxable fund management alternatives.   "(A+B) < C"

  • Plus ... ILI's cash surrender value starts at 98% to 105% of premium - greater than the 80% or 90% found in other planning alternatives (401(k), IRA, 409A, retail insurance.)

The STAR Plan featuring ILI

  • Comparable or greater net accessible cash from day one (Green).

  • Multiple asset allocation management alternatives.

  • Added creditor protection (states).

  • Cash values 100% excluded from college financial aid (FAFSA) calculations.

  • Greater lifelong and retirement cash management options.

  • Integrated professional plan management.

  • Added financial protection if you get sick (Orange) or die (Yellow).

Sample STAR Male     Sample STAR Female

No longer do America's 50 million STAR qualifying households have to fall off the traditional taxable financial planning cliff when saving outside the 401(k).


Mark Whitelaw - Owner and President
Prudent Planning Design, Administration and Consulting Services for 30 years.

STAR Suitability

Do you fund invest?

Are you a "white-collar" individual?

Are you healthy?

Do you expect medical advancements will continue to let us live longer?

Do you expect Washington will continue to rely on higher and highly compensated individuals for its tax revenue?

Could your family use some extra cash if you got terminally ill or died?

Are you an employer with white-collar employees earning $75,000+?

Are you a trustee responsible for making prudent investment decisions?

Medical Advancements increasing the life expectancy of higher compensated "white-collar" individuals has allowed ILI funded "Parity" Restoration to evolve from an Executive Benefit into a Personal Planning Choice for America's 50 million HCE Class households.

ILI is what large corporations invest through (COLI / BOLI) to "fund" supplemental "investment" and "retirement" benefits to executives impacted by Washington's tax-qualified benefits limits.
The STAR Plan in 2002 repurposed ILI for HCE Class direct access in a VVC administered Personal "Parity" Restoration strategy.
 And as medical advancements help us live even longer The STAR Plan's pricing and value advantage is expected to continue to increase.

The STAR Plan is a "longevity" based Investment, Retirement and Legacy strategy.
The longer we live, the greater The STAR Plan financial advantage for you and your family.

We All Need Two Management Buckets

The STAR Plan  allows America's ILI qualifying individuals to save, plan and protect outside Washington's options on a more effective basis.

Total Wealth Protection


Greater wealth management options if things go good, bad or great. 



VVC Analytics Methodology

VVC's analytics are base on FINRA Rule 2210(d)(4)(C) methodology for “hypothetical illustrations of mathematical principles” to ensure informed financial decisions.

The information contained within is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent an actual portfolio.

Illustrated Market Rate-of-Return is not guaranteed. Individual results will vary.
While "life insurance" is not an "investment", all life insurance serves an investment function.
It is only prudent that the Best Practices methodology prescribed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Industry be utilized for STAR education and decision making.